jade castrinos

Edward Sharpe at Pukkelpop Festival 2011 by me Advertisements

Better Times


Today I went to a flea market in the park. It was really nice, so many happy people were lying under the trees or playing guitar.              I bought two cameras, one for 0,50 euros and another for 2 euros. The first one is like a toy-camera, I bought it for  festivals and parties. The other one is a Kodak Retina S2 it’s beautiful !

white wishes

I’m pretty bored this week but still; there is no such  thing as finding good music and inspiration on youtube. I dream to much of things that will never happen. But I guess I’m not the only one

Up Next

I’m trying to make an Album cover but in fact we don’t even have one single song.

Dreams never end




All around an away we go


film: agfavista 400 iso

camera: PC600