Hello wordpress.

by sommarluv


On this blog I’ll try to post some of my thingies like pictures, drawings, thoughts…

I also would like to show you work that inspires me, mostly of my friends but it could be also a song or video that impressed me. Maybe I should introduce myself.

I’m Nina Rosa, 17, I live in Antwerp. I really would like to become an artist but I guess I focus too less on something specific and I try to much things without knowing yet what I’m doing so it’s a bit strange and difficult.

I wanted to tell about my studies at school but I’m not really enjoying it so it doesn’t make sense to talk about it.

I read a lot, mostly in English, but I try to read in French too. I really like learning languages (on my own) and so I’m trying to learn Swedish,I know it’s strange.

Well now you know enough.

Cheers !